A Bicycle That Plays Records

Posted in music on February 21, 2012 by Nabil

this retro-inspired ride allows cyclists to play records as they travel. Dutch designers Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong have come up with what must be the weirdest boombox ever (i know it’s a cliché but the Dutch trio must have been smoking the good shit). i just wonder if you have to pedal at a constant 33 1/3 rpm when playing albums. still, it’s a great idea regardless of practical implications

“I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like…” – Syd Barrett

Dead Can Dance – Live Happenings (Part III) (free download)

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last year Dead Can Dance gave away EPs of live recordings titled Live Happenings Part I and Part II. now Part III is available, and like the others it’s also free. the EP opens with Saltarello, a 13th century Italian piece that DCD made their own in 1990 on their album Aion, and  Brendan Perry introduces thusly, “this next instrumental rocketed to the top of the charts in the summer of 1461”. the other three tracks are The Wind That Shakes The Barley, How Fortunate The Man With None and Dreams Made Flesh. just click here to get Live Happenings (Part III)

below is Toward The Within, a recording of a performance at the Mayfair Theatre in Santa Monica, California from 1993

Coldcut – Say Kids What Time Is It? (free d/l)

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twenty five years ago today, Coldcut picked up their first ever white label 12″ record, Say Kids What Time Is It? to sell in record stores! celebrate 25 years of Coldcut with a free download of the track on Soundcloud. just click on the down arrow on the right of the box below

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

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the legend that is Leonard Cohen releases a new album today, and despite his age (he’s a mighty 77 years old) this album does not remotely disappoint. it’s thoughtful, melodic, slow of pace and utterly beautiful. his voice is as good as it has ever been, the arrangements complement the songwriting entirely and i am completely hooked, playing it through now four times since last night. below is Darkness, the fourth track from the album, but you can stream the whole of the album on the Guardian’s website here

DJ Food – Solid Steel/Search Engine interview

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just ahead of the release of his new album, The Search Engine, DJ Food (a solo Strictly Kev this time round) has been interviewed for Solid Steel Radio to give some insights into the making of his album (which you can hear in the background), the collaborators involved (The The’s Matt Johnson, J.G. ‘Foetus’ Thirlwell, 2econd Class Citizen, DK and Natural Self) and the artwork created by Henry Flint and Strictly Kev himself. he also discusses his own work as a designer (possibly his most famous piece being the iconic Ninja Tune logo) and you can hear a few of the tracks that have influenced him over the years which range from Adam & the Ants to Boards of Canada

also, the limited CD album itself (i received mine this morning having ordered early but it’ll be generally available from Monday) is a truly beautifully packaged item. a gorgeous, full colour, 48 page comic sized booklet packed with artwork, photos and more to hold the disc itself and inside that you’ll find an extra tack housed on a truly scrumptious flexi disc (you may well need to be over 40 to know what one of those is). the loveliest piece of plastic i’ve seen in a long time, a clear 7″ single with a high shine silver ‘label’ on the front side that is gold on the reverse. and you can buy that right here

also, check out this exhibition in London if you can

Jarvis Cocker – Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics

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a collection of lyrics isn’t something that would normally find its way onto my bookshelves but like King Ink and King Ink II that collects lyrics and a few odds and ends of Nick Caves, and Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen that comprises lyrics as well as poems, Jarvis Cocker’s Mother, Brother, Lover is an essential purchase

Jarvis Cocker, after all, is one of England’s great contemporary songwriters and this collection spans the fullness of his career, both with his band Pulp and his subsequent solo albums

his words have expressed much that i have felt over many years and have travelled with me as i have grown older, wiser, changed and in many ways stayed the same. the songs have made me dance and ponder upon dark things and have entertained in the way that great films can sometimes do with drama and passion and well-studied views on the world around us. there is beauty, horror, comedy and more. songs that can be sung by gigantic crowds and songs that can be sung alone in a small room

opening with an essay on the art of lyric writing and notes by the author on the seventy lyrics selected for this volume, this book is indeed a must have both for fans of Cocker’s and admirers of great writing

this is Common People from the 1995

and here’s This Is Hardcore from 1998

DJ PWC – HerFavoriteLetters (free d/l)

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HerFavoriteLetters is another idiosyncratic mix from DJ PWC. it’s odd yet accesible, smoothly erratic and curious. clearly hip hop yet unlike the majority, which in the genres current musical climate is a very good thing. and if only for the way PWC drops Portishead’s It Could Be Sweet into this mix and then rolls into the Wu-Tang’s  Hollow Bones looped sample of Syl Johnson’s Is It Because I’m Black? then HerFavoriteLetters is already more than worth a listen or three . . .

also, get DJ PWC’s mix Dedicated To Those That Know It Is here

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