i wonder if anyone will ever read this . . .

well hello there (perhaps)

that is if anyone is reading this, otherwise i suppose this is like talking to myself and a kind of madness though i know i am somewhat mad so that’s ok. it’s those fuckers that think they are absolutely fine that we need to watch out for

so hello and welcome to here where i am only writing as this morning  a friend, Rebecca suggested that i do so. she said . . .

Naboo, you should have a blog for all yo tunes fo sho!


though how i can share music i love with the world through this is beyond me right now

WAIT! i have seen a button that says add audio . . .

…and it doesn’t work. bum

ok so i guess i need to go and drink some tea and suss this out . . .

4 Responses to “i wonder if anyone will ever read this . . .”

  1. haha, awesome! check me out all famous now! you add music the same way you added my picture, through the media functions when you create a post. has this blog got something to do with Total Recall?

  2. Yes, music must be on here today! A tune to celebrate the beginning of something brilliant!

    There’s a woman in Total Recall with three tits, so I thought…

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