Beth Hirsch – Something To Tell

Beth Hirsch at The Slaughtered Lamb in London 22nd June 2010

Beth Hirsch has a new single out on Ho Hum Records. listen below and make of it what you will. i love it. gorgeous on the surface but with more just below. to those unfamiliar with her name then listen to Air‘s debut album Moon Safari and drift through the truly wonderful sounds that Beth co-wrote and sang on: You Make It Easy and All I Need (second track below) though their whole album is worth checking out and has been a staple of my Sunday mornings since it’s release in 1998. Beth is not a prolific artist but worth taking the time to discover

Something To Tell

All I Need

buy Something To Tell here

and finally here is a link to a review by an old friend of mine, Dec Hickey, of her recent London gig that i had the pleasure of attending

2 Responses to “Beth Hirsch – Something To Tell”

  1. You are right, this is great Sunday morning stuff, especially the second track. It’s nice to get mellow sometimes, serves as a great contrast to my usual diet of old punk and ” new-wave”. Actually this has inspired me to dig out my old Acid-Jazz stuff from the likes of Howie B, Jaziac Sunflowers, Beach Flea and especially 9 lazy 9 who were my favourite chill out band at the time. Summer was just made for this kind of music, I will have to check out the Air album you mentioned.

    • 9 Lazy 9! classic ~ can you believe their old label, Ninja Tune, is 20 in September? and that Air album is an essential record so get it NOW! glad to be of service Terry

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