24 Hour Party People

24 Hour Party People (2002) has to be one of the greatest films set in and around the music business despite, or perhaps because it is not factually correct. as the character of Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan) says at one point,

when you have the choice between the legend and the facts, go with the legend’

the film centers around Tony Wilson and covers the story of his move from Granada as a tv reporter and presenter to the formation of Factory Records and the careers of Joy Division, New Order and the Happy Mondays and the building of The Haçienda, the Manchester club of legend

the script (Frank Cottrell Boyce) and direction (Michael Winterbottom) are perfect and the casting is spot on. Paddy Considine is earily accurate as Rob Gretton and Andy Serkis is hilarious as Martin Hannett plus there are some great actors and comedians taking on very small rolls which adds to the films punch and atmosphere. there are also some great trainspotting treats in the form of many cameos by the real people from in and around this story including Tony Wilson, Howard Devoto, Rowetta, Paul Ryder, Mark E. Smith and Dave Haslam amongst plenty of others

i believe that though this is not a factual lesson in pop history it captures the essence of what was going on, the spirit of the times and characters have been distilled into 112 minutes of excellent entertainment

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