Gonjasufi – The Caliph’s Tea Party remix album

A Sufi and A Killer by Gonjasufi is to be released on 4th October in remixed form titled The Caliph’s Tea Party

A Sufi and A Killer was originally released in March this year to critical acclaim and Gonjasufi’s voice is a big part of that though there are rich musical pickings to be had for music lovers of many kinds

his voice has a richness at times and at others a cracked blues quality that he says comes from projecting from his stomach while teaching yoga

Gonjasufi’s music covers many bases: blues through to rock and funk through to hip hop via India, native North America and a whole host of other genres and cultural pilfering

to quote Chris Parkin of the BBC, “a terrific, trippy adventure with something for every curious pop fan”

and now it seems there is a perfect companion piece to that album in the form of The Caliph’s Tea Party with versions courtesy of Broadcast and the Focus Group, Bibio, Bear in Heaven, Oneohtrix Point Never, and more

judge for yourselves with these two tracks ~ Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard remix) and Love of Reign (Bear In Heaven remix) respectively

Gonjasufi – The Caliph’s Tea Party out on 4th October on Warp

this link will take you to his website http://www.sufisays.com/

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