Telstar: The Joe Meek Story

Telstar: The Joe Meek Story (2009) is the directorial debut by English actor Nick Moran who adapted the stage play of the same name by James Hicks

it stars Con O’Neill, who made the part his own on the London Stage, and tells the story of Joe Meek, a songwriter and producer behind some of the biggest hits in the 1960s ~ 45 in the top fifty or better out of the 245 he worked on including Johnny Remember Me and Telstar

he pioneered various studio methods and was always in search of the perfect sound for each track rather than simply a catchy tune

it’s a very funny film at times, highlighting Meek’s seemingly eccentric methods in recording in the cramped flat above a shop that was the home of his creative world, but it is also a film full of tragedy as Meek struggles with his love life, money problems that stem from his flamboyant nature and a claim against him in court over a songwriting credit that causes royalties to be indefinitely withheld

ultimately it’s a great biopic and Moran has shown real flair in his direction, particularly in the claustrophobic setting of the flat which was the base of Meek’s operations and housed his often manic, maniacal and paranoid character

(additional: i recently saw an advance screening of Nick Moran’s latest film, The Kid ~ also a biopic though quite different but still very much worth seeing)

Telstar: The Joe Meek Story is available to buy now

The Kid will be in cinemas from mid September

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