Punk: Attitude – A Film By Don Letts

ok so Punk: Attitude – A Film By Don Letts was released in 2005 but i only discovered it yesterday and besides it documents events, people and bands from decades ago up to the corporate-suckling-young-punk-wannabe-millionaires of today

i have been a fan of the genre since i was a kid and still have time for it and some of its varied offspring and this film made me want to immediately discover some of the gems i’d not acquired previously as well as dip back into old favourites

what i’m attempting to get at is this is a very valid documentary tracing the roots of a hugely influential and sprawling music scene with contributions from a plethora of artists and musicians and it managed to tell me new and interesting things, plus the film maker himself was an integral part of the Punk social scene in London

Don Letts

a key point about this documentary is that it isn’t just about Punk Rock in the way i’d imagine most would think of it, hence the title Punk: Attitude ~ it has a very broad base that sets it apart from the average film about a scene that is bigger than The Sex Pistols and The Clash and was certainly born in North America and has often been widely misunderstood ~ MC5, New York Dolls, Ramones and many others are discussed and given their place in this film

it is currently packaged in a nicely designed collectors case, runs for 88 mins with over 2 hours of extras and has replicas of issues 1 & 7 of legendary punk fanzine Sniffin’ Glue

since Punk spanned the Atlantic here is one band from each side of it doing their thing . . .

2 Responses to “Punk: Attitude – A Film By Don Letts”

  1. Have seen this film and I think it overplays the American influence on punk, although I love a lot of the American stuff. Yes, Malcom was influenced by the New York Dolls, and yes a few influential punks saw that Ramones gig, but also a lot of punk bands started after the Pistols gig in Manchester without ever hearing the American bands. Also a lot of the British bands grew out of the pub rock scene ie Vibrators, 999, the 101’ers etc. Still a great film though, one of the better films about punk rock, and Don Letts was there when it happened, so full respect to him.
    The American stuff certainly should not be forgotten ( I was a massive fan of Richard Hell and the Void Oids), but a lot of American stuff was more what was called ‘New Wave’ e.g. Talking Heads, Television, Blondie, etc.

    • i can’t argue with that. they all have their place and their importance shifts depending on the individual perspective but Punk was big, massively influential and it’s echos will be heard for a very long time

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