King Cannibal – The Way Of The Ninja

King Cannibal – The Way Of The Ninja contains over 250 tracks running at 74 minutes of music mixed, blended, sliced, diced, torn up and rendered to audio

King Cannibal (Dylan Richards) grew up on Ninja Tune. from putting DJ Vadim records on his Christmas list (Santa got him Dr OctagonInstrumentalyst instead) to being turned away from a sold-out show to celebrate the tenth Ninja birthday. he’s grown up on the sounds of the label

what a daunting if honourable task then to construct a retrospective to celebrate the labels 20th anniversary

to quote the man himself, “Ninja’s history being so entwined with my own only makes a project like this harder. An ignorant person may not feel guilty about leaving out something from Bogus Order’s Zen Breaks whose record was used for the static sound of needle hitting vinyl that appears a few times in this mix or for leaving out Drome. That problem is then compounded by the next – everyone knows the classics – Timber, Witness, Dark Lady… they’ve been on countless mixes before, but they need to be in here.. perhaps.. perhaps…. perhaps the way out is to get creative with these, to put a new spin on them. Ninja has a rich tradition of getting creative behind the turntables, from Coldcut‘s groundbreaking ‘ 70 Minutes Of MadnessJourneys By DJ mix to the diverse Solid Steel series, so why not try and up the ante a little? ”

so after three months of mixing on planes, trains, hotel rooms and in the studio, 250 tracks have been distilled into 74 minutes and provide the listener with a truly great retrospective of a first-rate label

King Cannibal – The Way Of The Ninja went on sale today

for a full track list see here where you can also buy the CD/MP3/WAV for just £4 and also d/l a free 5 minute mix of the recording

below is the radio edit of one of King Cannibal’s own tracks

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