Luke Vibert – Bonafide Beats (vintage mix/free download)

i’m a lazy old fucker so i’m just cutting and pasting the following from Bonafide Magazine

Fresh from carbonite, the next mix in the Bonafide Beats series is certified vintage, having been in storage since Prince was partying in 1999. Washing up on the silicon shores of Luke Vibert‘s hard drive some ten or more years since it was made, this mix captures the vibrancy of underground hip-hop on the cusp of the new millennium. With the ‘golden-era’ fast disappearing in the rear-view mirror, here we see one-time independent outfits such as Company Flow and Slum Village take a breath and prepare to dive deeper, making way for Fiddy and co. to lurch in and plunder all that glamour and gold offered up to the new millennium ‘gangster’ rappers.

Reflecting on what was to come in the 10 years to follow, the mix now seems to have added poignancy; it really is a polished nut of a selection. Given that most of the featured artists are now fully compounded as underground hip-hop heavyweights, with – and this is hard to believe – more than a couple of artists on here adding to the roll-call of dearly departed (think Guru, Jay Dee, Baatin), it’s reassuring to know that Luke was vibing off of what would eventually form part of an underground hip-hop manifesto of sorts. Which is why he’s down. Word is bond and never forget where you’re from kids.

follow this link to get the free 74 minute mix

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