DJ K-Mart – The Endless Summer (free mix album download)

The Endless Summer by K-Mart (Martin Van Triest from Amsterdam, Holland) is a collection of songs with an American-westcoast-pshychedelic-feel and some tropicalia that includes golden oldies from, amongst others, The Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix and Fleetwood Mac plus 2010 releases by The Black Keys, Gonjasufi and Caribou

so there are classic recordings as well as plenty of lesser known artists and songs but all help invoke the spirit of Summer

it’s possibly just the antidote some of us need right now (certainly here in England) as Winter has descended and we’re huddled at home of an evening with the heating chugging away at full blast

just follow this link below and get 72 minutes of Summer for nothing, then close the curtains, get cosy, press play and let your mind drift

the final track in the mix is a version one of my favourite Summer tunes (Fair Weather Friends by Daedelus) so i’ve included the original version below as it comes with a delightful video

One Response to “DJ K-Mart – The Endless Summer (free mix album download)”

  1. Great keyboard sound!

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