Infinite Livez – The Great Lens EP

Infinite Livez, self portrait

Infinite Livez is one of the more unusual, creative and at times experimental names in Hip Hop

music aside he also enjoys making comic books, short films, soft toys, has designed graphics for the Gameboy and regularly illustrates for Hip Hop Connection Magazine

according to his biography he also has recurring dreams of the end of the world and unfortunately lost his prized possession, a puppet called Barry Convex (who i assume is named after a character from David Cronenberg‘s 1982 film Videodrome) though i believe he intends to make more

Infinite Livez was born in Bethnal Green, London in 1972 and went on to train at Chelsea Art College ~ in 2004 his debut album Bush Meat was released to critical acclaim at home and abroad and in 2007 he released a second LP Art Brut Fe De Yoot and a third titled Morgan Freeman’s Psychedelic Semen arrived in 2008

below you can hear an EP released in August of this year called The Great Lens (and purchase for a mere £4) the lead track of which R Yeah i’ve been playing over and over since then ~ it’s all infectious beats, bleeps and rhythm with a sing-a-long rap, particularly when the chorus rears ~ the EP continues in a similar fashion and there is an interesting use of a sample from Message In A Bottle by The Police on a track called The Thought Police which also utilizes the phonetic alphabet to build verses out of

so listen, enjoy and perhaps fork out £4 for these six tracks

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