Hexstatic presents Trailer Trax video mix

Hexstatic’s video mix Trailer Trax takes its lead from the cheese of drive-in cinema trailers, the Grindhouse style movies and those Saturday Morning Cinema shorts of times gone by

elements are sliced and diced with techno, dubstep, dancehall and drum & bass rhythms and whipped up into a frenzy

The Mighty Gammera destroys Tokyo . . . Galaxy Invaders terrify rednecks . . . see Embryo grow in a day . . .

two of the highlights for me are firstly,  the version of Grandmaster Melle Mel‘s classic The Message that was used to promote road safety when i was a child and secondly, the appearance of Dave ‘Darth Vader’ Prowse as his other larger than life character The Green Cross Code Man who, when i was about 9 or 10, i met in this guise after queuing ages for his autograph with the intention of asking him how i could get an audition for The Empire Strikes Back, but, being a shy child in many respects i bottled out completely at the last second

but i digress . . .

mix in some favorites tracks by The Prodigy, Akira Kiteshi and DJ Hazard and you have one blockbuster of a mix

now listen and watch . . .

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