Spokes – Everyone I Ever Met

the past year must have been a very exciting one for Spokes

live shows all over the place, as well as the release of their first single We Can Make It Out, the video of which can be seen below

this year promises to be even better as their first full length album Everyone I Ever Met will finally be released on the 17th of January

click ‘Everyone I Ever Met’ to pre-order the album

here’s what their press release says about it . . .

Euphoric, heartfelt and utterly beautiful, Spokes present “Everyone I Ever Met,” their first album for Counter Records. Effortlessly blending together elements of shoegaze, folk, post-rock and much more, its bittersweet joyfulness will purge your system of cynicism for weeks. This album was recorded in the rolling hills of North East England, which perhaps explains the rustic feel of their reverb-soaked, violin-coated sound, one that has been compared to Arcade Fire. Its collective-choral vocals typify the anti-cynical energy and passion that makes the band unique.

More than anything else, what strikes you listening to Spokes is their complete sincerity, their lack of any sideways glance at what their contemporaries are doing. They make beautiful, sad, celebratory, delirious, worshipful music because that’s how they feel and, in doing so, that’s how they make you feel, too.

below is a remix of album opener 345

and here is the Dextro Remix of We Can Make It Out followed by the Tides Remix


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