Fink (acoustic, live, unreleased and remixed)

Fink. he’s just fucking great isn’t he? i could try to be creative in what i write about him. about how his music moves me and has been a constant companion over the past few years during major lows and soaring highs,  but why bother when right here i can let the songs speak, or sing rather, for themselves

and instead of simply uploading singles or even album tracks i’ve gathered together what one would traditionally call rarities. six tracks that have been uploaded to Soundcloud at finkmusic, Ninja Tune & Big Dada and by myself and placed right here. 3nipples is more pleasing on the eye  than Soundcloud, though that is one truly great site


so first up is an acoustic rendition of Maker from the album Sort of Revolution. this is lifted from the Sort of Versions 5 track EP

Make It Good from Distance And Time first appeared as If You Stayed Over on Bonobo’s 2006 album Days To Come. this performance was recorded with Bonobo, live at the Pompidou in Paris and with Andreya Triana taking over on vocals

following on from the last track is an unreleased demo of Make It Good

the next three tracks are all mixes of the single See It All. first Sideshow (Fink’s DJ moniker) takes an echo box and compression chamber and skillfully strips parts of the song and fits them together into brand new shapes. secondly is a remix by Dlid that builds on the originals guitar tapping percussion with beats and handclaps. lastly Ninja newcomer Emika throws in off beat sounds and some lovely deep tones and allows the song to drift in and out of itself

and to close here’s a performance of  Blueberry Pancakes that was recorded in Lyon, France in 2009

album discography:

Fresh Produce (NTONE39) released 01/06/2000

Biscuits For Breakfast (ZEN104) released 24/04/2006

Distance and Time (ZEN136) released 01/10/2007

Sort of Revolution (ZEN146) released 25/05/2009

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