UNKLE feat. Nick Cave – Money and Run (listen to it right here)

UNKLE have been busy finishing material which will be released on April 4th, as a five track EP entitled Only The Lonely

UNKLE have always produced interesting and dynamic music, often born out of collaborations, so when i heard they were getting together with one of my favourite singer/songwriters, Nick Cave . . . well i was rather excited to say the least

all the songs on the EP are new and it’s headed up by the Nick Cave track as well as featuring Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), long time UNKLE vocalist Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan (ex Sleepy Sun)

the EP is rounded off with a classic UNKLE instrumental

track listing as follows:

1. Money and Run (feat. Nick Cave)
2. The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss)
3. Only The Lonely (dub)
4. Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
5. Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)

and you can listen to Money and Run right here

pre-order Only The Lonely at UNKLE.com

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