PJ Harvey – Let England Shake (the short films by Seamus Murphy)

Polly Harvey enlisted a documentary photographer with little video skills and no musical experience to direct the videos for her album Let England Shake. Seamus Murphy is a British photographer known primarily for his work in war-torn countries. in an interview with Slant Magazine, Murphy explained how this came about . . .

It started out that she had seen my Afghan work at an exhibition in London, and then she got the book, and I think over time she thought that she might like to work with me in some way. So I got a call from her manager asking if I would be interested in doing something, and I said sure. This was quite a while ago, maybe two years ago. I went to see her in concert, and she told me she was going to do this album and what it was going to be like. At that point we were talking about just still pictures for press, album artwork, and portraits. I did that last July, and then I’d actually just come back from being in Afghanistan shooting some video for a film I’m doing. It was my first real concentrated time shooting video. I think when I came back to shoot the Polly pictures, I must’ve been saying something about shooting video and how interesting I found it. And then we were talking about doing some kind of documentary, but it was all very vague and evolving. It dawned on me that it would be better if we did short films that went with the tracks. At the moment I’ve finished the 12 films, and the next thing we’re talking about is producing something that would be one unit—from that material and from some new material. So the whole thing is still evolving.”

here are the four films that have been released so far

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake was released on February 14th 2011

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