Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

it seems i’m forever playing catch up with music, and Lykke Li is a perfect example of that. so first off i have to thank Peter Smith for bringing her to my attention yesterday. thanks mate.

right, so, Wounded Rhymes is the second album by Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li. it’s a great combination of styles while remaining rooted in that not quite definable genre known as pop. the percussion is excellent, the rhythms contagious, so much so that as i was listening this morning, i found myself dancing like a tit in front of my girlfriend.

there is something 60’s, Phil Spectorish perhaps about much of the production, though this is certainly a contemporary record. at times it conjured up memories of classic Walker Brothers. there is much drama and melancholy in this album of passionate pop

Lou Thomas from BBC Music referred to the it as “another outstanding album, slightly better and definitely bigger than (debut album) Youth Novels. Although there is a level of subtlety at work here far more sophisticated than most mainstream releases, the sound’s sheer size is almost overwhelming.

Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li which is out now

here’s the albums lead single Get Some

this is second single I Follow Rivers

and here is third single Sadness Is a Blessing

if you sign up to Lykke Li’s mailing list you’ll receive a free download of the album’s first single Get Some along with B-side Paris Blue. click here to do that. and to buy the album follow this link

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  1. Thanks for bringing that photo to my attention!!

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