Friendly Fires – Pala

right, time to be straight up and honest here. i know fuck all about Friendly Fires despite their apparent radio coverage, award nominations, critical acclaim and what not. but i say bollocks to all that. big, grey and hairy, saggy old bollocks . . .

i got their album Pala today and while sounds jar with me and it feels like a guilty pleasure in some ways, it’s still a pleasure and that’s enough for me. it feels all 1980’s in many ways, and, while i love much from the 1980’s, what i can hear in this has never done it for me. so much so that i don’t even want to name names. yes, i’m a terrible snob. yet i thoroughly enjoyed the album tonight, listening to it while going for a drive through Liberty City (GTA IV). much of it is infectious and it seems to revel in itself without contrivance or smugness

below is a version of album opener and single Live Those Days Tonight which was recorded live at the Lightbox in Lambeth, South London

Pala by Friendly Fires was released yesterday on XL Recordings

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