Poetree – Mix Tape Sessions Vol​. 1 & 2

i always find it a pleasure to stumble across someone generally unknown and talented that makes my ears happy. i can’t remember how exactly i came across Poetree, but i do remember listening to something on You Tube that caught my interest right away. for a short while now i’ve been one of his Facebook followers, and was very pleasantly surprised when four days ago he posted The Mix Tape Sessions Vol. 1. it’s a mix of old and new, of slightly too many genres to name just a few, and with tracks that include May December by Mos Def, the classic Strange Taste from a massive favourite of mine, DJ Food and Hardcore HipHop Instrumental from Solesides, plus some of Poetrees own tracks, what’s not to like? that lot should whet anyones appetite

i’ve not heard Volume 2 yet as it was posted just a few hours ago, but it seems silly not to include both mixes here right now, especially noting  that it includes such tracks as Arcane by Arc, Emperors Main Course by Kid Koala and the fuck me sideways, eternal genius of Goldfinger from John Barry & Shirley Bassey

you can follow Poetree here on Facebook

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