The Cinematic Orchestra – In Motion 2011

The Cinematic Orchestra continue the In Motion series with a 2nd installment and a return to the Barbican in London on October 1st

In Motion is an ongoing live event curated by the band, where a selection of films chosen by the artists will be given original scores

The Cinematic Orchestra have invited Dorian Concept + Tom Chant, Grey Reverend, Austin Peralta, Kutmah and of course themselves to perform exclusive scores

this is a gig i’m rather excited about (my tickets arrived today) as i’ve not seen The Cinematics since the release of their second album, Every Day, in 2002

in 2003 they recorded a soundtrack for the 1929 silent film, Man With A Movie Camera, from Russian director Dziga Vertov. it was given a limited DVD release which i highly recommend seeing, if you can find a copy. their music fits the images perfectly. should you not be able to find a copy then simply get the album as it’s superb. here are a couple of tracks from that recording

Reel Life (Evolution II)

Work It! (Man with the Movie Camera)

to buy tickets for the Barbican show go here

and for their own website go here

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