Dig for Fire: an Exhibition of Art inspired by the Pixies

suddenly, i feel the need to be in California next month . . .

C.A.V.E Gallery (1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA 90291, USA) in conjunction with Thinkspace Gallery present
Dig for Fire: Art inspired by the Pixies
Sept. 9th – Oct. 8th 2011


click on the pics to enlarge

Monkey Gone To Heaven by Craww

Bailey's Walk by Chris Sickels

Dig for Fire by Macsorro

Velouria by Chris Cole

Velouria is a kinetic sculpture with a guitar amp hidden in its base. the sculpture is hand cranked, and as you crank it, ports open and close muffling or distorting the sound from the amp

Velouria (detail 1) by Chris Cole

Velouria (detail 2) by Chris Cole

Velouria (detail 3) by Chris Cole

as this exhibition is broadening the visual world of the Pixies, here’s something that broadens their audio world. it’s a damn fine remix of their classic single Monkey Gone To Heaven, remixed by KRUSHA (it’s also free to download. just click on the down arrow)

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