the art of DocVek

DJ Cheeba posted a photo on his Facebook page, of a label designed for him by DocVek (left), which i commented on, saying, simply, “beautiful

Cheeba was kind enough to point me in the direction of more work by DocVek (aka Keiran Sandal from Maidenhead, UK), and i felt compelled to share some of that work. here are a few favourites, plus a link to his online gallery

also, to watch Cheeba’s superb Revenge Of The Nerd audio/visual mix, go to the bottom of this post, then sit back and enjoy over an hours worth of treats for the ears and eyes

click on the pics to make them embiggen (where did i hear that word? ’tis silly and made up. i like it)

“This is part of an illustration i finished recently for a flyer in Bristol, UK. Solid Steel feat Dj Kentaro”

“My old friend Dj Cheeba (Solid Steel/Ninja Tune) was given a Rane TTM 57SL (a top turntablist mixer) by Rane itself. I got asked if I wanted to design the faceplate for the mixer, which included adding typefaces, illustrations, the whole shabang . . .”

“double page illustration i made for Computer Arts Projects, the article is about paper stock, which is why there are many references to ‘paper’ within”

“A street scene for a poster”

“Ninja Tune/Solid Steel AV showcase”

check out more of DocVeks stuff here

and now, as promised, here is DJ Cheeba’s a/v mix Revenge Of The Nerd (i’ve posted once here before but what the hell)

and here’s a link to Cheeba’s website where you’ll find plenty to nose through

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