the art of Krent Able

Krent Able

Krent Able will be familiar to the readers of The Stool Pigeon, a free. bi-monthly, and rather decent music newspaper. i pick it up in various independent record shops around London, though i believe it’s available throughout much of the UK

Krent Able is a comic writer/artist and his work adorns the most recent cover of The Stool Pigeon and regularly the middle, comics section, and it’s also dotted throughout. below are a few examples of what he does, including three comic strips that feature Nick Cave, Goldfrapp and Amy Winehouse. i’ll post a link to his blog at the end. any text beneath the pictures in italics is taken from that blog. his work is definitely what some fuckwits might call sick or tasteless or whatever, but since they are fuckwits i shouldn’t even be mentioning them really. since i have, i wonder if that makes me a fuckwit? i suppose it’s good to question yourself, though if anyone calls me a fuckwit, i’ll curl one out on their face

you probably don’t need telling, but click on the pics to enlarge them

Thanks to Phil and Mickey at The Stool Pigeon for letting me loose on the cover – the only proviso was that I couldn’t do a big picture of James Brown’s anus.

My third Doctor Cave story, featuring the first glimpses of the Cavemobile and The Cheese Factory Hillbillies. This one was inspired by Nick Cave’s increasingly sex-obsessed output (his ‘Bunny Monroe’ novel, ‘No Pussy Blues’ etc.). I figured a man with that much spare sperm could probably start his own cheese factory. I know I did.

This cheeky little tale is from the April 2011 edition of The Stool Pigeon

Hot Dog and Terror Cone. One day these guys are going to MASSIVE, like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.

Lady Gaga, Based on Manet’s ‘Olympia’. Pretty highbrow, eh?
From The Stool Pigeon, Sept ’09. In the original version of Goldilocks and the 3 bears from the 1830’s, Goldilocks was an ‘angry old woman’ and the 3 bears tried to kill her by burning, drowning and impalement on a church steeple
to check out much more of Krent Able’s work, click here

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