DJ Format & Mr Thing – Holy Shit

Holy Shit is a mix of religious breaks, beats and music discovered mostly in charity shops and the bargain bins of record shops over a number of years. after both recently discovering the same religious record, DJ Format and Mr Thing decided to team up, and this mix is the result. according to Format, “The term ‘Religious Record’ could mean a religious artist on a religious record label that had an unusually funky moment or it could mean a regular artist or group (not usually associated with the religious genre) that do a cover version of a song about God or Jesus i.e. ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’ is a religious song covered by many different artists and quite often has a nice open drum break at the start of the song. Although some of the music is top quality and was cut up in a B-boy style, the mix was definitely supposed to be fun, hence the Monty Python bits!

originally released as a CD in 2009, it’s now available as a free download

to quote the mighty Strictly Kev of DJ Food, “Christ! this is good!

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