David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time (free d/l)

next month sees the release of Crazy Clown Time, the debut solo album by the supremely talented director, screenwriter, painter and photographer, David Lynch. since the 1970’s the man has had his hands all over various musical projects, from sound design on his films to full, collaborative albums with a variety of singers, composers and musicians. some of the tracks he has written are huge favourites of mine, in particular The Pink Room and Blue Frank from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

(be warned, this contains a constant flashing image)

and who doesn’t love In Heaven, sung by the girl in the radiator,  from his feature debut, Eraserhead? a song that’s been covered many times by all sorts of groups including Faith No More, The Danse Society, Devo and the Pixies

but back to the present. on November 7th Lynch’s debut album, Crazy Clown Time, will be released on Sunday Best Recordings.The love of experimenting with sound and music is what was driving this boat,” he says of the album. “All of the songs on the album started as a jam. The jams eventually found a form and lyrics appeared.” the result is self-described as “modern blues

this week Lynch has made available, for free,  the title track of his album. just head over to his Facebook page (here), click ‘Like’ and it’s yours. i’ve uploaded it to Soundcloud so you can hear it right away, should you wish

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