M-Mesa The Reframe Show feat Beta Hector (Tru Thoughts)

right, so what we have here is a superb, two hour mix of lazy, hazy, beats from the world of hip hop, psychedelia and elsewhere, spun together with ease and style by the shows host, Mick Mesa (fist half) and Beta Hector (second half). Beta Hector (aka Simon Hill) is currently signed to Brighton’s Tru Thoughts label, and recently released his quite excellent album, Sunbeam Insulin

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and here’s a link to Beta Hector’s site

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    M-Mesa The Reframe October 2011 with Guest Beta Hector (Tru Thoughts)

    LINK : http://soundcloud.com/m-mesa/m-mesa-the-reframe-show-oct

    September saw the Reframe take a break as impending fatherhood finally arrived and gladly grabbed all the spare time available…and then some. Not to be dismayed the podcast returned to the airwaves on the 14th October with a renewed vigour. This month Mick welcomed along the rather splendid Beta Hector whose album Sunbeam Insulin dropped in early September on the rather fabulous Tru Thoughts label out of Sunny Brighton.

    The Podcast is a lazy sojourn through hazy downbeats, dusty breaks, 60’s psychedelia, smoky soul and head nodding hip hop. In the first 90 minutes Mick takes the podcast through artists including Jaylib, The Bins, Beat Konducta, Madvillain, Iron Butterfly, Velvet Underground, Jon Kennedy, Bonobo, RJD2, Shawn Lee, Midnight EEZ, Paul White, Letta Mbulu, King Britt, Louis Mackey amongst others.
    Beta Hector Biog
    Beta Hector also known as Simon Hill who in 2008 formed the deep funk band Baby Charles receiving rave reviews from the likes of MOJO and Pitchfork for their debut album in 2008, touring Europe and gracing Glastonbury festival. With major radio play from Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1), several sessions for the BBC including Mark Lamarr (Radio 2) and the 6 Music Funk & Soul Show, plus heavy international support.

    Si was also making beats and loops since the late nineties, but got a real taste of producing when he co-mixed the Baby Charles album. It wasn’t long before Beta Hector was born out of experimenting with heavy drum loops, bass lines, analogue synths, guitars, vintage tape machines and a range of talented vocalists.

    LINK IS HERE – http://soundcloud.com/m-mesa/m-mesa-the-reframe-show-oct
    Beta Hector Mixtape: Reframe Oct 2011

    Mick Mesa 20.00 – 21.15
    Alucidnation – I’m not that Bad
    The Bins – Tell the whole wide world
    RJD2 – Smoke and Mirrors
    Lanu – The Coral Route
    Letta Mbulu – Pula Yetla
    Electric Prunes – Holy are You
    Yage – The Woodlands of Old
    Stuntmen – Youre the best find
    Paul White Ft. Nancy Elizabeth – Wily Walruses
    Jon Kennedy – Tributes Dedications (Flevans remix)
    40 Winks – Mood Adaptor
    Big Pauper Ft. Alexei – Thumbtrippin
    Koushik – Basketball Beat
    Decembers Children – Livin Way too Fast
    Bonobo – Silver
    King Britt Ft Quasimoto – Spaces
    Jaylib – Champion Sound
    Beat Konducta – Trouble
    July – Dandelion Seeds
    Faine Jade – Ballad of the Bad Guys
    Shawn Lee – Rototom Foolery

    Beta Hector Tru Thoughts 21.15-22.00

    beta hector ft. shane hunter – Thousand yard stare
    Nobody – The all golden fronts
    Nino Nardini – Tropicola
    Photec – The rain
    De La Soul – Big brother beat
    Prefuse 73 – It’s crowded
    Quasimoto – Basic instinct
    Beta Hector Ft. Rosi Lalor – Trust me
    Spider Harrison – Beautiful day
    Mulatu astatke – Netsanet
    Okopo videa bassouo
    Baby Charles – Ths time
    Pete Moore – Catwalk
    Madvillain – Accordian (fourtet remix)
    UTD – My kung fu
    Flying Lotus – Golden diva
    Simon S – Friendly flowers

    Lovingly share with friends family, random strangers and anyone else who would like just over 2 hours of musical meanderings as you wish… If you are after track lists or any further info on shows join the Reframe Facebook page for irregular mailouts minus the spam. You can join here
    Next up we have Richard Sen (Padded Cell)

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