Hidden Orchestra – Flight EP

here’s a great opportunity to hear the new Hidden Orchestra single, titled the Flight EP, a week ahead of its release. it’s over a year since their debut album, Night Walks, and this is something i’ve been eagerly awaiting since. new recordings. and they don’t disappoint. for the curious, here’s what their press release has to say about how lead track, Flight, came about and the instruments used in its construction:

The first official release of brand new material since the album came out, “Flight” was developed in part for a BBC Radio 4 documentary about flying carpets (!) called “The Magic Carpet Flight Manual”; it was for this that Acheson – also a Sony-nominated radio producer – created the magic carpet flying sound effects you hear in the track. It has evolved into this intense and transporting piece which, at almost eight minutes long, explores a dubby avenue with a strong half-time feel running against a faster double-time context. Dotted rhythms in the kicks and snares and an occasional bass wobble interplay with acoustic basses and percussion including castanets, metal pipes, snare drums and ride cymbals. The jazz influence that often characterises Hidden Orchestra’s work is barely there, giving way to a very strong folk feel. Acheson expands: “This track is the strongest testimony yet to the eleven years I have been living in Scotland – you can hear the folk influence creeping into the melodies, harmonies, and instrumentation.”

out on 7th November 2011 – available for pre-order now

for several other entries about Hidden Orchestra, with much to listen too, click 3nipples and then enter Hidden Orchestra in the search box

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