Matt Black – AV tests

Matt Black,  one half of the legendary Coldcut as well as one of Ninja Tunes co-founders and still one of their head-honchos, is a major lover of audio/visual technology. Black is one of the inventors of the VJamm software used in the Coldcut live shows and has been an innovator of the whole av scene. here are a couple of things that caught my attention on Black’s YouTube channel allgoodmatt

this first video was made using Memos Amoeba QC patch, adapted for realtime midi control in VDMX with audio from Ableton. using midi to simultaneously control video and audio synths makes an explicit AV connection

next up is a midi controlled AV synth with AV echo/feedback effects using Quartz composer and vdmx , with Ableton doing sound

and lastly, Matt Black and Paul Smiles give a quick demo of their work in progress, an AudioVisual marimba built using Ableton, Processing, and an AkaiMPD24

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