Poetree – Inner Orchestra (free album download)

Inner Orchestra by Poetree is rather refreshing, despite being firmly anchored in what seems to be a bygone time of funky hip hop and soulful jazz fusion. perhaps it’s because of that reason rather than despite it, as much of hip hop is so damn unlistenable these days. i grew up on the sounds of the old school, first school even and have followed the genre since, and to this day i still get passionate about  an artist now and again  and the rare gems that shine through. now Inner Orchestra doesn’t blow me away, but it’s a very accomplished work that smoothly combines old and new, and is a very welcome listen indeed, full of beats and melodies i’ll be happy to revisit again and again

One Response to “Poetree – Inner Orchestra (free album download)”

  1. Gareth Elkin Says:

    Took a while to get round to listening to your album but it’s been well worth the wait..thanks fella..

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