Barry Adamson – Destination and Rag And Bone (free downloads)

here’s some great news for fans of Manchester’s mighty Barry Adamson. the ex-Magazine and Bad Seed’s guitarist and superb solo act for the last 25 years has  got a new LP,  I Will Set You Free, set for release early next year. this’ll be his first album since 2008’s Back To The Cat, though of course there was Adamson’s first venture into film making; writing, directing, editing and scoring Therapist, a 40-minute film noir about a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, that has kept him busy between records. i’ll supply more info on that below. in the meantime and as a way to whet one’s appetite for fresh music there’s a new track, Destination, that’s available for free download from Adamson’s Facebook account here

this is the video for Destination

also available for free, though a little older as this was released in September of last year, is the track Rag And Bone as well as Rag and Bone (version excursion)

so, back to Therapist and in the words of Annabel Grundy (East End Film Festival), “Therapist tells the story of Monika, a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, who encounters both tragedy and destruction. But is her story real or the metaphor for another man’s emotion, a story straight from the therapist’s couch? A truly metafictional experience, the film, with its looping narrative and world within a world structure, focuses on our experience-as reality and the contradiction between memory, fantasy, truth and the experience of life itself.

here’s the trailer

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