Christmas Blues Mix by DJ K-Mart (free d/l)

first off, this is a re-post from last December, but secondly, IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL DO WANT I WANT! and besides, at this in-your-face, over hyped and bullshit soaked time of year it’s good to consider those that the festive period pisses off, depresses or whatever. isn’t it what Jesus would do? now, i’m not saying i am Jesus, OK? i’m not saying i am Jesus.  that’s for you to think about. i’m not saying i’m Jesus, right, i’m not. but if i was Him…i’m not HIM, right, i’m not Jesus. that would be ridiculous. i’m the last person He would come as. it definitely wouldn’t be me. or maybe He would…i’m not, right. i’m not Jesus…but if i was Him, this would be the kind of thing He would do, isn’t it? with today’s technology. He’d post a Christmas Blues Mix on an obscure blog for people like you; drunks and whores

Vodpod videos no longer available.

download Christmas Blues free here

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