Bluefire presents: The Prodigy Mastermix

i wasn’t sure what to start the year off with here on my humble little blog and then i stumbled into this on Facebook, posted by Ninjamixdump (a great place to find odds and sods). it’s a 145 minute mix (yep that’s right, it’s well over 2 hours long) that chronicles the musical talents of a Mr Liam Howlett, better known as The Prodigy. it contains over 50 Prodigy originals and remixes. the mix has three section that are defined by tempo and are titled as Part 1: The Poison, Part 2: The Rhythm and Part 3: The Energy. click here to get it

here are a couple of videos. firstly No Good (Start the Dance) from Music for the Jilted Generation, the album that really made me sit up and pay attention to The Prodigy in 1994, and then Breathe from the 1997 album The Fat of the Land

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