Jarvis Cocker – Mother, Brother, Lover: Selected Lyrics

a collection of lyrics isn’t something that would normally find its way onto my bookshelves but like King Ink and King Ink II that collects lyrics and a few odds and ends of Nick Caves, and Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen that comprises lyrics as well as poems, Jarvis Cocker’s Mother, Brother, Lover is an essential purchase

Jarvis Cocker, after all, is one of England’s great contemporary songwriters and this collection spans the fullness of his career, both with his band Pulp and his subsequent solo albums

his words have expressed much that i have felt over many years and have travelled with me as i have grown older, wiser, changed and in many ways stayed the same. the songs have made me dance and ponder upon dark things and have entertained in the way that great films can sometimes do with drama and passion and well-studied views on the world around us. there is beauty, horror, comedy and more. songs that can be sung by gigantic crowds and songs that can be sung alone in a small room

opening with an essay on the art of lyric writing and notes by the author on the seventy lyrics selected for this volume, this book is indeed a must have both for fans of Cocker’s and admirers of great writing

this is Common People from the 1995

and here’s This Is Hardcore from 1998

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