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King Cannibal – Cannibalism 2011 (free d/l)

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here are a few words from King Cannibal on what you’re about to hear, “As we’re reaching the end of the year and i’m looking towards developing my set in to my newer productions in 2012 i thought it timely to take a glance back at the kind of sets i was playing out this year, for those who didn’t get a chance to see me or want to re-live one of the shows they caught me at. This was recorded for a show on 27th Aug at l’Usine in Geneva, Switzerland as it was to feature a big AV hook up and the crew needed to familiarize themselves with what i would be playing on the night. It’s somewhat of an expansion of The Way Of The Ninja mix cd released at the end of last year, but goes way beyond that.

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Barry Adamson – Destination and Rag And Bone (free downloads)

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here’s some great news for fans of Manchester’s mighty Barry Adamson. the ex-Magazine and Bad Seed’s guitarist and superb solo act for the last 25 years has  got a new LP,  I Will Set You Free, set for release early next year. this’ll be his first album since 2008’s Back To The Cat, though of course there was Adamson’s first venture into film making; writing, directing, editing and scoring Therapist, a 40-minute film noir about a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, that has kept him busy between records. i’ll supply more info on that below. in the meantime and as a way to whet one’s appetite for fresh music there’s a new track, Destination, that’s available for free download from Adamson’s Facebook account here

this is the video for Destination

also available for free, though a little older as this was released in September of last year, is the track Rag And Bone as well as Rag and Bone (version excursion)

so, back to Therapist and in the words of Annabel Grundy (East End Film Festival), “Therapist tells the story of Monika, a Polish immigrant searching for her sister, who encounters both tragedy and destruction. But is her story real or the metaphor for another man’s emotion, a story straight from the therapist’s couch? A truly metafictional experience, the film, with its looping narrative and world within a world structure, focuses on our experience-as reality and the contradiction between memory, fantasy, truth and the experience of life itself.

here’s the trailer

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PJ Harvey – Let England Shake: 12 Short Films by Seamus Murphy DVD

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here’s a nice little Christmas present for fans of Polly Harvey. it’s the DVD release of Let England Shake: 12 Short Films By Seamus Murphy. it’ll be available from the 12th December. the disc comprises all 12 of the short films which were made to accompany each song on PJ Harvey’s Mercury Prize winning album Let England Shake. in addition there’s one previously unseen short film for the song England, and personal notes from Seamus Murphy on the making of each film. you can pre-order here though the DVD will also be available from iTunes and other digital retailers

here’s the video version of This Glorious Land, one of my favourite tracks from Let England Shake

Head (the 1968 Mokees movie) – DJ Food Rescore

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here’s something a little special for fans of The Monkees 1968 psychedelic comedy-adventure, Head. the original was written and produced by Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson and directed by Rafelson, but here we have a re-score of the cult classic created between 2001 and 2004 by DJ Food. parts of the original dialogue are retained in places but all musical content has been replaced by new songs, sounds and spoken word. you can find it just here and also download it for free. the film, which is really a series of sketches as there is no plot to speak off,  features Victor Mature and has cameo appearances by Jack Nicholson, Teri Garr, Frank Zappa, Sonny Liston, Dennis Hopper, Toni Basil and others

this is an interesting, unofficial trailer (let it play on at the end)

and here’s The Porpoise Song (theme from Head)

George Harrison: Living In The Material World (Martin Scorsese’s new documentary)

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Martin Scorsese’s documentary about “the Beatle that changed the most”, George Harrison, is to be released on DVD/Blu-ray on October 10th. it’s set out in two halves; the first being from his birth in 1947 until the Beatles split in 1970, and then from the recording of All Things Must Pass, through the highs and lows of the ’70s and ’80s before settling in at the Friar Park estate and ending with his death in November 2001

it claims to have enough unseen footage, photos, audio outtakes and new interviews to satisfy even the most devoted Beatles fans, as well as many laughs from Harrison, capturing his scathing wit, a detailed account of that terrible stabbing in 1999 and plenty of revelations whilst capturing a spiritual journey from start to finish

here’s a trailer for George Harrison: Living In The Material World

and this is a live performance by Harrison of his song Here Comes The Sun, which appeared on The Beatles classic Abbey Road LP

The Cinematic Orchestra – Manhatta and Entr’acte (new soundtrack recordings)

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The Cinematic Orchestra have scored and recorded soundtracks for two films from the 1920’s. anyone who is aware of their Man With A Movie Camera project will have a good idea of what to expect

the first is for Manhatta, painter Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand’s 1921 eleven minute  documentary about one of the five New York boroughs, Manhattan. it’s a film that declares of Manhattan:

City of the world (for all races here),

City of tall facades of marble and iron,

Proud and passionate city.

the second film is René Clair’s 1924 Entr’acte. this twenty-minute piece contains many interesting sequences, such as people running in slow motion and events happening in reverse. it premiered for Ballets Suédois production of Relâche at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, and was originally scored by Erik Satie

to purchase these go to the Ninja Tune shop here or iTunes

The Cinematic Orchestra – In Motion 2011

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The Cinematic Orchestra continue the In Motion series with a 2nd installment and a return to the Barbican in London on October 1st

In Motion is an ongoing live event curated by the band, where a selection of films chosen by the artists will be given original scores

The Cinematic Orchestra have invited Dorian Concept + Tom Chant, Grey Reverend, Austin Peralta, Kutmah and of course themselves to perform exclusive scores

this is a gig i’m rather excited about (my tickets arrived today) as i’ve not seen The Cinematics since the release of their second album, Every Day, in 2002

in 2003 they recorded a soundtrack for the 1929 silent film, Man With A Movie Camera, from Russian director Dziga Vertov. it was given a limited DVD release which i highly recommend seeing, if you can find a copy. their music fits the images perfectly. should you not be able to find a copy then simply get the album as it’s superb. here are a couple of tracks from that recording

Reel Life (Evolution II)

Work It! (Man with the Movie Camera)

to buy tickets for the Barbican show go here

and for their own website go here

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