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From Heaven to Heaven, New Order Live, The Early Years (1981-1984) at Close Quarters

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it gives me great pleasure to inform readers about my old friend Dec Hickey’s new book From Heaven to Heaven, New Order Live, The Early Years (1981-1984) at Close Quarters which is published at the end of this month. it’s a unique record of a hugely successful, massively influential and truly iconic group that contains over 400 previously unpublished photos, forwards by band members Peter Hook and Stephen Morris and introductions by Paul Morley and Moby

follow this link to read the full press release as well as extracts from the  forwards and introductions. you’ll also find details on how to purchase the book, which is availalable in hardback, the first 750 copies of which come in a limited, numbered, collectors edition with additional treats for the über fan

additionally for those in the UK, the February issue (out now) of  Uncut magazine’s Flashback section has a four page feature on From Heaven to Heaven

below is a live performance of Dreams Never End that was filmed in November 1981 in New York, the studio version of which appears on New Order’s debut album Movement

DJ Food – The Search Engine: limited book/CD & flexi disc

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regular readers of this blog will realise i’m quite the fan of DJ Food, so the news of a new and long awaited album in January, The Search Engine,  has been very welcome. what’s more, Food (currently a lone act of Strictly Kev, though with collaborators in tow), has put together a lovely little package of the CD version that comes with a comic-size 48 page booklet and a 7″ flexi disc of a bonus track. it’s available to pre-order at a bargain early bird price for a limited time from here

the booklet features artwork by 2000AD artist Henry Flint, Openmind, photography by Will Cooper-Mitchell, lyrics and more. the flexi disc will only be available with this package

there will also be a regular 12 track version on CD with gatefold card cover and 20 page booklet, downloadable versions in mp3 and WAV formats with pdf booklet, and an expanded and extended 17 track release in 24 bit WAV that also comes with the pdf booklet

the track below is Prey feat. J.G. Thirlwell (aka Foetus, Clint Ruin etc) and is taken from DJ Food’s latest EP Magpies, Maps & Moons as well as the forthcoming album

Time Lapse View of Earth from Space with music by Jan Jelinek

Posted in documentary, music, photography with tags , , on November 14, 2011 by Nabil

ok, this is not strictly the sort of thing i’d ordinarily post on this blog, but the music and pictures work so well together that i felt compelled to include it as i’m sure it will be appreciated by many

what we have here is time-lapse sequences of photographs taken with a special low-light 4K-camera by the crew of expedition 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from  August to October, 2011 and a piece of music from Jan Jelinek


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Amon Tobin & Tessa Farmer Present ISAM: Control Over Nature

Posted in art, music, photography with tags , on May 17, 2011 by Nabil

Amon Tobin has come together with highly respected Saatchi Collection artist Tessa Farmer on a collaborative installation

Control Over Nature will combine Amon Tobin’s sound design and elements of the recently released ISAM album, alongside Farmer’s trademark sculptures, which are constructed from bits of organic material, such as roots, dead insects and bones

according to Tobin, “There is common ground between Tessa and I, we’re both re-arranging and augmenting natural elements to make something imagined but tangible. We are both exploring new uses for familiar materials, or in Tessa’s case familiar creatures. I’m trying to take an objective approach to all my source material, whether it’s field recording or synthesis based or a mixture of the two. I’m treating it all as musically/creatively relevant and useful.

Control Over Nature will run at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London from Thursday 26th May until Sunday 5th June 2011. there will be a limited number of signed prints on sale

listen to ISAM in full here

Amon Tobin – Making of ISAM Sounds

Posted in documentary, music, photography with tags , , on April 11, 2011 by Nabil

here’s something for the music nerds out there. it’s a sneak peek of how Amon Tobin uses spectral morph to create some of the unique sounds you’ll hear on his new release ISAM (released May 23rd). pre-orders at:

the photos were taken in Amon Tobin’s Purple Room Studio (as seen in the video below)

here’s a preview of ISAM

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