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DJ Food – Solid Steel/Search Engine interview

Posted in art, books, free download, music, podcast, radio with tags , , , , , on January 20, 2012 by Nabil

just ahead of the release of his new album, The Search Engine, DJ Food (a solo Strictly Kev this time round) has been interviewed for Solid Steel Radio to give some insights into the making of his album (which you can hear in the background), the collaborators involved (The The’s Matt Johnson, J.G. ‘Foetus’ Thirlwell, 2econd Class Citizen, DK and Natural Self) and the artwork created by Henry Flint and Strictly Kev himself. he also discusses his own work as a designer (possibly his most famous piece being the iconic Ninja Tune logo) and you can hear a few of the tracks that have influenced him over the years which range from Adam & the Ants to Boards of Canada

also, the limited CD album itself (i received mine this morning having ordered early but it’ll be generally available from Monday) is a truly beautifully packaged item. a gorgeous, full colour, 48 page comic sized booklet packed with artwork, photos and more to hold the disc itself and inside that you’ll find an extra tack housed on a truly scrumptious flexi disc (you may well need to be over 40 to know what one of those is). the loveliest piece of plastic i’ve seen in a long time, a clear 7″ single with a high shine silver ‘label’ on the front side that is gold on the reverse. and you can buy that right here

also, check out this exhibition in London if you can

The Beat Bee Sessions – Volume 37

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as i’m suffering with achy balls, fucked feet and am so very very tired to boot i’m gonna be super lazy with this post and let the Beat Bee people tell you about all about The Beat Bee Sessions Volume 37

Happy 2nd Birfday to the muthafuckin funkyass Beat Bee Sessions!!! This episode: getting out of the X-Mas coma, the most overly-sensitive shoe fanatic ever, Municipal Waste in Miami, getting bored doing nothing, the Otter’s incredible X-Mas cookies, “the talk” with young Katie, Mahfood Bros. (that’s a clip of them below) drunken Santa Clause stylee, the Jane Dope foosball table incident, secret breaktime conversations, Huddleston appreciation, angry dads who hate Body Count, the death of “def”, Ice-T is everywhere, plus so much more! Instrumentals by the amazing Marc Mac.

direct download here


We Are…On Air! – First Word Records Special

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We Are…On Air! is a Berlin based radio show by RogaLL & m. path. iq that goes out on a couple of stations ( and Radio but, more conveniently, can be found archived on Soundcloud just here. the latest show, #88 in the series, is focused on a small label from Leeds, England called First Word and features 18 tracks of funk, beats, hip hop and beyond, predominantly from First Word, including a smattering of remixes and promo versions. get a full track list via the ‘info’ button on the Soundcloud bar

regular 3nipples visitors will be familiar with First Word, but those who want more can find features and free downloads using the search facility

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