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DJ Food – Solid Steel/Search Engine interview

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just ahead of the release of his new album, The Search Engine, DJ Food (a solo Strictly Kev this time round) has been interviewed for Solid Steel Radio to give some insights into the making of his album (which you can hear in the background), the collaborators involved (The The’s Matt Johnson, J.G. ‘Foetus’ Thirlwell, 2econd Class Citizen, DK and Natural Self) and the artwork created by Henry Flint and Strictly Kev himself. he also discusses his own work as a designer (possibly his most famous piece being the iconic Ninja Tune logo) and you can hear a few of the tracks that have influenced him over the years which range from Adam & the Ants to Boards of Canada

also, the limited CD album itself (i received mine this morning having ordered early but it’ll be generally available from Monday) is a truly beautifully packaged item. a gorgeous, full colour, 48 page comic sized booklet packed with artwork, photos and more to hold the disc itself and inside that you’ll find an extra tack housed on a truly scrumptious flexi disc (you may well need to be over 40 to know what one of those is). the loveliest piece of plastic i’ve seen in a long time, a clear 7″ single with a high shine silver ‘label’ on the front side that is gold on the reverse. and you can buy that right here

also, check out this exhibition in London if you can

Head (the 1968 Mokees movie) – DJ Food Rescore

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here’s something a little special for fans of The Monkees 1968 psychedelic comedy-adventure, Head. the original was written and produced by Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson and directed by Rafelson, but here we have a re-score of the cult classic created between 2001 and 2004 by DJ Food. parts of the original dialogue are retained in places but all musical content has been replaced by new songs, sounds and spoken word. you can find it just here and also download it for free. the film, which is really a series of sketches as there is no plot to speak off,  features Victor Mature and has cameo appearances by Jack Nicholson, Teri Garr, Frank Zappa, Sonny Liston, Dennis Hopper, Toni Basil and others

this is an interesting, unofficial trailer (let it play on at the end)

and here’s The Porpoise Song (theme from Head)

DJ Food – The Sound of Mu(sic) (a hoax KLF soundtrack)

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a hoax KLF soundtrack to a fictional film perpetrated by Strictly Kev (DJ Food) and Mr Trick via a fake KLF website back in 2005.
full story here . . .

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DJ Food – Magpies, Maps & Moons (promo)

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where the hell can i get a copy!?!?!? according to Strictly Kev, “Not for general sale but I bet there will be a few out there as journalists hear it, go ‘WTF?’ and sell them to their local record store. The 12″ should be at the label later this week, full photos when I get it. This is the final of 3 EPs and is released on 12″ and download on Nov 7th. ‘The Search Engine’ album will be out Jan 16th, 2012 and features versions of 12 tracks taken from the EPs, plus some exclusive bits.”

here’s the finished and quite beautiful art work for The Search Engine album. inks by Henry Flint, colours and other stuff by Strictly Kev. the photo below that was taken by Will Cooper-Mitchell and  is of Strictly Kev dresses as a cosmonaut

now, as for something to listen to, here’s A Weird World Reader by DJ Food, which is, “A trip through the DJ Food EP ‘One Man’s Weird Is Another Man’s World’ featuring tracks, samples and influences that make it what it is“. it features, amongsts others, The Black Keys, The Broken Keys, Mr Chop, Grace Jones, Paul Weller, The The and Ken Nordine

DJ Food – Stolen Moments (working title)

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a new DJ Food album is scheduled for release this autumn. it has a working title of Stolen Moments though, of course, that may change

according to Strictly Kev (he alone carries the DJ Food mantle these days),”I’ve remixed some of the tracks from the first two EPs for the album and have a few more collaborations but I don’t want to reveal them until they’re properly in the bag. One that’s almost finished is a multi-part track with 2econd Class Citizen called ‘Magpie Music’ that’s currently clocking in at nearly 12 minutes. Stylistically it’s all over the place but features Bollywood, Gamelan, Rock and Turkish influences and more with a ton of spoken word. Cover artist on the previous EPs, Henry Flint (2000AD artist), is completing the final part of the cover art and I plan to spend most of May mixing down the final tracks and versions. There should be a 12″ with four or 5 tracks for the final EP and then a CD for the album collecting all the major tracks in a continuous sequence while the digital version will have them all separate. Release is pencilled in for Sept/Oct if I deliver in June and a new DJ Food-centric AV set will be in the works as soon as the album is mastered to go out and tour with.

here’s a detail of Henry Flint‘s cover image for the forthcoming DJ Food album. that’s his work above for previous Food releases

and because a post on here is never complete without something to keep your beautiful ears happy, here we have three tracks from the last DJ Food EP, The Shape Of Things That Hum, including a cover of Giant by The The from their classic 1983 album, Soul Mining

to get your hands on a whole load of free, downloadable mixes from Strictly Kev, go here

DJ Food – The Death of Output

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Trevor Jackson by Ian Wright

here’s what DJ Food said last month about the following, absolutely stunning, THREE HOUR mix of tunes he made from tracks by Output Recordings . . .

Back at the end of 2006, when Trevor Jackson‘s Output Recordings folded, I put together a 3 hour tribute mix of my favourite tracks. This went out as 3 separate mixes on Solid Steel and I even made a very limited number of facsimile Output CDRs of the mixes. I’ve recently had requests to upload it again so, by the miracle that is Soundcloud, it’s available. I’ve also edited it into one piece finally and the track list is embedded in the Lyrics section of the mp3.”

the whole thing can be downloaded for free by clicking on the little down arrow on the right of the Soundcloud box

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